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Calcutta Jaisalmer Mysore  
Chennai Jodhpur Periyar
The Indian Hotels have maintained the universal standards of service and hospitality for the many years unlike any other service industry. The Hotels in India have made a mark on the globe for their world-class professional environment and staff. The Hotels in India offers an exquisite experience carrying the old world charm along with the international standard of services and facilities. Each one of them reveals that the age does not wither nor stale the glory and grandeur of the past. The stay at any one of them will leave one feeling on the seventh heaven. One can take a pick from the spectacular fortifications on the hilltop to the lovely pulsating palace in the lake. Even the isolated and unapproachable pavilion represents an example of hospitality. Most of the Hotels are located amidst picturesque surroundings. Each one of the Hotels lives by the ancient Sanskrit dictum 'Atithi Devo Bhava', Which states that treat your guest as if he were God himself. Welcome to the Hotels in India to have the time of your life.
The Hotels in India have mushroomed owing to several reasons. The rich architectural and cultural heritage lies preserved in them. The mansions converted into hotels to offer the traveler to the land a unique and unforgettable experience. The Heritage Hotels thus born were followed elsewhere in the country too. Many of them took years of pain for restoration, reconstruction and renovation to make the stay of the tourist memorable and mesmerizing. Today the families with the royal lineage greet you to their abodes as guests. Each of the Heritage Hotels in India is an ancestral home for some royals. The uniqueness of each Hotel exists because of the outstanding olden times, timeless traditions and the unparallel period. The warmth of the hospitable hosts and the charm of the old world when put together form the basis of the most blissful holiday you would have had in your lifetime.
The land of India is studded with countless magnificent forts, palaces and castles. For thousands of years the incomparable and inimitable land of India has lured distant travelers. Till today the magic lingers and the land beckons like no other in the world. It is the Hotels in India that open the doors to the truly traditional yet subtly contemporary estates to you. Realize your dreams in style with the stay at any of the Hotels.